Daybreak hatchery Daybreak has approximately 525 000 breeder birds (market share of 5%) on the ground at any one time housed in 25 custom built breeder houses. This number is sufficient to produce 1.1 million hatching eggs per week. Additional hatching eggs are outsourced by Daybreak through contract farmers and independent breeder farms in order to produce the current chick volumes of 1.1 million chicks per week. The additional hatching egg requirement in order to produce 1.7 million chicks per week is achieved via breeder contract farmers and creates a further opportunity for emerging farmer development.
Daybreak’s hatchery facilities are state of the art and use world renowned Petersime incubators for hatching egg incubation purposes. The hatchery has been designed within industry standards and has the capacity to produce 1.7 million chicks per week.