Business units



Located in two provinces, Gauteng and Mpumalanga, Daybreak Farms Abattoir’s Divisions consist of two plants with the Sundra Abattoir plant and the Delmas Abattoir plant which are registered as high-throughput poultry abattoirs and have combined slaughtering capacity of 1 400 000 million birds per week.

Main focus areas

  • Weighbridge, live bird holding bay, live birds receiving and easy loading.
  • Live bird hanging, birds auto rehang, evisceration, packing.
  • Cold air chilling, grading line, birds Brine Injection
    Packing lines, MMS scaling, carton freezing, boxing and palletising.
  • Stock warehousing and dispatch.

Our main focus areas:

Mixed Portions


Whole Birds

Other Primary


Heads & Feet