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We pride ourselves in our authentic history

Daybreak Farms was founded in 2001. Daybreak Farms produces a wide range of poultry products from it's operations in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal. Since 2015, it has been wholly owned by state asset manager PIC, which manages the retirement funds of the South African public servants.

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Nothing but the best poultry products.


Our Purpose and Values

  • Accountability: We take ownership & responsibility of all we do with professional conduct
  • Consistency: Daybreakers reliably produce high-quality products and services for all stakeholders at all times
  • Equity: No one is lesser or greater than his/her fellow Daybreaker. We treat each other with respect and humility
  • Integrity: We uphold strong moral principles and we always strive to do what is right
  • Transparency: We are open and honest in our dealings with all our stakeholders
  • Team spirit: Daybreakers speak with one voice, work together to achieve common goals for the good of the company. This is based on the understanding that when we put the company first, we put all our wellbeing first.
our structure

Our Purpose & Values

Daybreak Farms is one of the largest integrated poultry producers in South Africa. Our core purpose is to maintain a unique position that allows us to reshape how we remain part of ‘The Great South African Family’ while growing the business portfolio. As we continue to grow, we are embracing our responsibility to drive positive change, solve problems, and make society a little better every day.

Our values directly link the business activities to our responsibilities towards our stakeholders – including shareholders, management, employees, and clients; the environment, social & governance.

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