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We are the most efficient & preferred integrated Poultry Company by our staff, consumers, customers, shareholders and communities.

who we are

We pride ourselves in our history

Daybreak Farms is a supplier of both fresh and frozen poultry products. Our value chain includes farming, providing feed from our feed mill, growing and processing broilers in our abattoirs. Our quality chicken forms an important part of many people’s daily meals.

about us
what we stand for

What we grow, plus a whole lot more!

Always Fresh

From farm to plate.

Super Healthy

Products that are good for your body.

100% Local

Produced locally and safely.

Premium Quality

Nothing but the best poultry products.

Our Purpose

Always Fresh

We nurture our business for growth and returns through commercial, operational and financial excellence.


We grow our business by delivering superior value products to consumers and communities.


We sustain our business and our communities for future generations.

what we do

At Daybreak Farms, we understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from.

Our products include a variety of chicken cuts and sizes, including whole chickens, chicken breasts, thighs, wings, and more. We also offer pre-marinated options, as well as chicken sausage and ground chicken for your cooking convenience.

We are proud to offer our products to both individual consumers and wholesale buyers. You can purchase our chicken products directly from our website, or contact us to learn more about our wholesale options.

Are you ready to experience the difference of fresh, sustainably-raised chicken products from Daybreak Farms?

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