Food Safety and Hygiene

How We Do It:

  • We grow our good chickens ourselves, right here in SA!
  • Daybreak Chickens are carefully packaged with pride.
  • They stay freshly frozen all the way to your favourite store.
  • You make that meal you know your family loves.

How You Can Do It:

  • Make sure you purchase chicken that has not expired. Check the Best Before Date when you’re buying Daybreak products.
  • Keep your chicken in the freezer until you’re ready to defrost it
  • Ensure your chicken is cooked properly before serving. To test your chicken, simply slice through a small piece and check if it’s cooked through. Properly cooked chicken is no longer pink.

The Truth About

  • Don’t let the price lead you to think it’s not quality chicken. We keep our prices low for you, but we don’t compromise on quality. Our chickens are grown, cared for and processed in adherence with the most stringent nutritional and hygiene regulations. We do the quality – you do the cooking.
  • Our chickens are grown on local farms in South Africa, and fed top-notch chicken feed, which we also manufacture through our feed mills.
  • Water and brine are used as preservatives for our Daybreak chickens, but not to bulk up or inject our products unnecessarily.

Certificates of Registration