About Us

We are a consumer-centric, global supplier of quality poultry products. As a vertically integrated business, Daybreak creates and maintains the full chain of poultry production and distribution, right through to processing.

Our unique range of broiler chickens is processed in Halaal-certified facilities. Because we take care of chickens at every step along the way, from hatchling to dispatching to stores, you can rest assured that our products will make your day, every day.

At Daybreak, everyone matters. We’re building and expanding our company to provide the very best chicken products and nourish the people of Africa. At Daybreak we believe in the importance of people, the power of you and I, to make a difference everyday. We believe we can truly make a difference to the under-served communities across the globe in the areas of nutrition, great taste and social entrepreneurship. We are deeply passionate about overcoming life’s challenges with you. Let us provide you with quality nutrition to help you and your family get ahead.

Daybreak Poultry’s people live and work according to these guidelines:

A Rooster’s Warrior Spirit:

Nothing stops the rooster – every morning, he works hard to awaken the world and usher in a brand
new day.

A Hen’s Serving Heart:

As she lays her eggs and tends to her chicks, a hen puts her family first.

An Egg’s Optimism:

Eggs are a symbol of opportunity and possibility. Nobody knows what the egg will reveal until the day comes for it to hatch.

A Hatchling’s Attitude:

Erupting from its shell, a hatchling takes to the world with the enthusiasm and excitement for each day of a joyous child.